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Good for Planet

5 Deep Compartments

Small Carbon Footprint

Suitable for Indian Meals

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Sugarcane renewable and compostable 5 Deep compartment trays are grease and water resistant, a great alternative to traditional plastic trays and plates. Eco friendly trays and plates are an excellent substitute for standard foam or plastic, and have the added advantage of showing your customers that you care about your carbon footprint. Many council areas today will only allow eco friendly packaging in food service areas. We have a full range of compostable packaging, to meet your specific requirement. This product is made from a reclaimed resource that would otherwise have been burned.
Suitable for serving multi course meal e.g Indian meals.  
  • Sugarcane products are compostable in commercial composting facilities
  • Compost is a great way to improve vital soil resources and divert waste that would otherwise be landfill
Sugarcane Material Background

Range of biodegradable plates, platters, bowls, trays and containers are manufactured from bagasse. Bagasse is the natural by product of sugarcane after the juice is extracetd from the cane. Rather than going to waste, manufacturer processes the bagasse material and molds it into heavy weight to make high quality tableware. Sugarcane containers, bowls, trays and plates replace conventional foam and plastic containers. It is all natural, made from annually renewable resources – Sugar Cane Pulp.

  • Grease and cut resistant
  • Excellent performance for hot or cold foods
  • Recessed lids allow container stacking
  • Molded construction designed for strength and upscale appearance

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Weight16 kg
Dimensions46 × 49 × 30 cm







100pcs, 400pcs



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Trays & Plates