Biodegradable Sugarcane Products

Our Sugarcane products are made from bagasse, the pulp material remaining after the extraction of the sugar bearing juice from sugarcane. This fibre by product can be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper and avoids the pollution from the normal burning of sugarcane pulp after juice extraction. Sugarcane is a readily renewable resource

These products have no plastic or wax coating and are a far superior alternative to polystyrene, plastic and paper products.

The sugarcane fibre products are fully compostable. These products will usually compost within 28 days in a commercial composting facility and 90 days in a home composting system.


•    suitable for hot and cold food (not under direct flame)

•    microwave safe, less then 20 seconds, under supervision only

•    compostable


• Renewable. Sugarcane polyethylene replaces 30 percent or more of the petroleum that would otherwise be used to manufacture the plastic.

• Lower carbon footprint. Each metric ton of bio – polyethylene produced avoids the emission of 2 to 2.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide on a life cycle basis.