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About Us



No matter what kind of hospitality industry you belong to Packaging Square offers the best quality eco-friendly sustainable packaging products that matches your need.

Over the years, the company has earned a great reputation in the disposable and commercial packaging market. From a humble beginning, the company introduced eco-friendly packaging products, mainly paper or kraft based disposable food packaging products and chemicals.

This also seeded the idea of introducing Packaging Square which aims to take the business ahead by offering a range of eco-friendly products blended with innovative design and much more compact. Though, the company is in nascent age, you can still have a look at some of the latest and high-on- demand range of products including- Paper Coffee Cups & Lids, Cutleries, Eco-friendly disposable packaging, Cleaning Chemicals and much more. The company also offer products under two brands- 365 Packs and EcoSafe.


Packaging Square is much more focused on selling eco-friendly and sustainable products for small and medium sized business in Australia. By selling some of the best daily use products with creative design and packaging. We are truly Australian owned and operated business.

Every product that we sell undergoes rigorous Eco Audit process to qualify for eco-friendly products. This has helped us to develop a sense of confidence among our customers. The trust which we’ve achieved is the real award that we cherish.


What makes Packaging Square customer friendly company are the features the company works on to retain the confidence of clients. Our USP involves:

  1. 20+ years of experience
  2. Online store for hassle free orders
  3. Tracking of order
  4. Complete control over manufacturing process hence better quality
  5. State-of-the-art testing process
  6. Modern warehouse
  7. 24/7 customer support system via email


Packaging Square looks into a bigger picture. 3 reasons that make us unique:

  • Value for Money: We offer high quality products at competitive prices
  • Eco and Economic: We endeavor to replace traditional packaging products with eco-friendly products which have complete green environment value
  • Beyond Packaging: Brand enhancement, innovative products and environmental safety


Packaging Square believes in open business culture. Our employees work under friendly environment which reflects in their expert work result. We believe in listening, training and flexible working condition for our team. The culture is primarily driven by the commitment to provide complete customer delight.

We’ve a separate CSR desk that works on supporting local and international charities and complete care of our employees. This is an important aspect to make the company fully functional for long term.


We work with the vision of getting recognised as the most successful and branded company for selling disposable food packaging products that fits to your healthy and fresh eating habits.

Driven by new innovation, our vision is to continue to source new packaging products for the target market and the make food business service more efficient and eco-friendly.


Our main quest is to succeed in the market and stay ahead of our competitors for complete customer satisfaction. Best quality packaging products and value added service are what we completely engaged into.

When you get hold of industry professionals and add onto the mix of them with strategic partnership, an environment to encourage new ideas is born. We here see to that these very ideas come into existence in a face of a product, which would bring a whole new level of customer satisfaction.